Financial Projects

Aviso Wealth inc.

Building Wealth

This project was the merging of three separate company cultures and 500 employees into one new office space. The new workplace environment incorporated perimeter workstations with management offices and meeting areas around the building core.

The offices utilised a demount-able wall system, allowing for future reconfiguration. A new client centre and employee lounge encourages client interaction and employee collaboration. The project was phased and many of the existing finishes were reused from the original space. State of the art LED fixtures were specified for the entire project.

Wheaton Precious Metals

Silver lining

This mining company’s penthouse office is an ode to their industry. Sinuous carved drywall ceilings and shimmering marble slab echo the layers of the earth. Elegant materials like stainless steel, walnut veneer, silver carpet, and blue leather serve to highlight the panoramic views of Vancouver’s mountains and waterways.

Sandstorm Metals & Energy


For the head office of a worldwide metals and energy finance company, the client requested a stylish, inviting and open client reception and meeting area. The interior reflects their youthful and successful image, and makes a statement to investors.

RBC PH&N Investment

Money makers

This Vancouver division of an investment services group required a space with the ability to make quick changes. Functionality and flexibility was emphasized through the use of demountable walls, without sacrificing a polished design.

Lignum Investments LTD.

Gallery office

We worked closely with the client to develop a modern, functional office with areas to display a prestigious art collection, which includes Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Walls were planned with precise dimensions to display specific pieces of art. Simple, elegant materials and accent lighting give the space a residential feel, allowing the art to be showcased.

Harley Street Holdings

Best in show

The client’s objective was to showcase and enhance a vast contemporary art collection. Unique architectural and millwork details added sculptural elements to further highlight the art. The project won Best of Show at the IDI awards in 1996.